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Welcome to my website!

Here I am, back with my own website. I experimented with Facebook and Twitter for political use, but was not exactly thrilled with the time expended or the quality of some of what I saw on those networks.

I started my first site (long before the city had its own current site) back in 1996 in order to be able to offer an easy way to keep in touch. In 2011, I started to rely more on social media for that. I still use social media for family purposes only, and usually avoid it now,  with regard to politics, for reasons already stated.

"Keep it simple"....someone once told me. So this site is simple and easy to navigate. Use the menu items in the upper right corner. Pages are automatically rendered to suit whatever screen you are using.....phones, tablets or larger screens. 

It's easy to send me your feedback. Just click here to see your options. 

All photography provided by Mike Kelch


The VON Memorial Gardens are pictured here.

The Park Report

Got a few minutes? Click on the link below to read about the history and status of the Centennial Park remediation project.

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Many folks have enjoyed the re-opened park this year.

Many folks have enjoyed the re-opened park this year.